About Yakov (Jacob) Goldberg

Masters-trained, bilingual cybersecurity expert with special focus on digital forensics, incident response, and Advanced Persistent Threats. Experience advising and deploying customized solutions to Fortune 500 clients. Single-handedly developed a new technique, now patent pending. Experienced trainer, mentor, and a manager. Expert in Python Django Framework, Angularjs, and Elasticsearch Stack. A creative thinker and promoter of innovations in the cybersecurity world. Previously an advisory member with EC-Council University.

Short Bio:

I started my Information Security career in the year 2006. During this year I started my Bachelor's degree program in Information System Security at ITT Technical Institution. In 2008, I had a privilege to develop a web reconnaissance tool called Uberharvest. This tool was featured in the famous Backtrack operating system now known as Kali Linux. However, I stopped developing this tool due to other interests in the Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) fields. In 2009, I finished my Bachelor's and immediately begun my Master's degree in Information Assurance at Capella University. During this program, I also obtained several certifications in the cybersecurity field. These certificates are the Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP), GIAC Certified Forensics Analyst (GCFA), and CompTIA Sec+ and Net+.

In 2012, I joined a company called Mandiant (a subsidiary of FireEye) as an Incident Analyst providing Incident Response services to fortune 500 companies globally. In September 2014, I joined to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as a Senior Incident Handler helping the IMF developing a Security Operations Center (SOC). In May 2015, I joined TrapX Security as a TrapX labs manager focusing on Incident Response and Research of Threats. At TrapX Security, I promoted innovation and development of new technologies, techniques and frameworks. I have gained an experience with development frameworks such as the Python Django, AnuglarJS, NodeJs, Redis and Elasticsearch (a.k.a the ELK stack). During my tenure at TrapX security I also focused on reverse engineering of malware, conducting threat Intel research and performing multiple investigations on memory dumps and IR artifacts collected by a tool developed by my IR team (inspired by my knowledge). During my tenure at TrapX I also invented and developed the TrapX Advanced Incident Response (AIR) can be found at TrapX Security website. The AIR system is used by TrapX customers to handle and triage incidents based on events occurring from multiple security controls. In addition, I also developed TrapX Intelligence X which is a system collects and provides Intelligence from Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), TrapX Intel and 3rd partners. This system comprise multiple frontend and backend technologies.

Outside of my full time job you will find me teaching undergraduate and graduate Cybersecurity online courses at Ec-Council university, reverse applications and malware for fun, ride my mountain bike, hike and enjoy other outdoor activities. I started this blog to shed some light on different infosec topics.